T&Y Type StrainersTemporary StrainersGrand Prix can provide strainers up to 1500# and 40” dia. pipeline in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel or in special material for various types of application.

  • Temporary Conical
  • Tee Type
  • Y Type

Application  Air/Liquid/Gas.


Basket Strainers/ Filters


Basket Strainer/ Basket Filter, Simplex Basket, Duplex Basket

Grand Prix can provide strainers up to 1500# and 60” dia pipeline in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel or in special material for various types of application.

  • Simplex Basket
  • Duplex Basket  (Up to 24” dia pipe line only)

Application - Air/Liquid/Gas


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cartridge filter manufacturers, Dry Gas FilterGrand Prix is manufacturing filters up to 1500# and 40” pipeline for Air, Oil and Gas application. Grand Prix can provide filter media in Fiberglass, SS, Poly Propylene, Cotton & Paper etc. for various applications and can retain the particle size down to 0.3 micron.

  • Cartridge Filter
  • Bag Filter
  • Candle Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Dry Gas Filter
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Filter Separators


We have the capacity to manufacture Filter Separator up to 125Kg/cm2g pressure rating and 40” pipeline.


Filter Separator, Vane Separator, Oily Water SeparatorsFollowing type of Separators are specially designed and manufactured as per customer specifications for separation of solid & liquid from the gases-

  • Filter Separator  
  • Cyclone Separator/Knock out Drum
  • Vane Separator
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Scrubbers/ KO Drums


ko drum design, vane Separators,  Skimming Oil Separator, gas scrubber manufacturerGrand Prix Scrubbers/ K O Drums are designed & manufactured for removal of  heavy dust & moisture particles from Gas & Steam through-

  • Cyclones
  • Vanes
  • Demister



coalescer filters, lube oil system designGrand Prix has the capacity to design and manufacture Coalescers up to 100Kg/cm2g pressure and 40” pipeline. The Coalescers are used for liquid to liquid separation & gas to liquid separation in Refineries, Petrochemical and other Chemical industries.


2-Phase & 3-Phase Separators


Grand Prix is capable to offer 2-Phase Separators for Gas to Liquid separation and 3-Phase Separators for the separation of Gas, Oil & Water as per customer requirement having own process design. Max. Pressure Rating- up to 100Kg/cm2g.

vane Separators, Oily Water Separators, CPI Separator, Filter Separators Following types of internals shall be designed & offered-

  • Inlet Deflectors/ Devices
  • Calming Baffles
  • Weir Plates
  • Vane Packs
  • Demisters



exhaust silencers, Vent Silencer, Industrial SilencersGrand Prix can provide various types of silencers for reduction in noise level for intake, exhaust and vent application. Grand Prix can offer silencers up to Diameter 3000 mm and Length 8000 mm in various types of  material as per customer specification.

  • Intake
  • Exhaust
  • Vent

Gas Conditioning & Other Skid Systems


Gas Conditioning Skids


Gas Conditioning Skid, fuel treatment skidGrand Prix offers above skid systems for conditioning of the Gas after Compression Station for controlling pressure & temperature and removal of dust & moisture particles from Gas as per customer’s requirement up to 125Kg/cm2g   pressure and 30” line size





Other Skid Systems

 Gas Conditioning Skid, fuel treatment skidGrand Prix also offers following Skid Systems to meet customer’s requirement –

  • Chemical Injection Skids
  • Fuel Filtration, Forwarding, Loading & Unloading Skids
  • Amine Filtration Package

Lube/Seal Oil System


lube oil system design, seal oil systemGrand Prix design, manufacture & supply Lube/ Seal Oil Systems for Compressors & Turbines to supply the lubricating oil at desired temperature & pressure after removal of solid contaminations up to 1 micron rating having a max flow rate of 1600 LPM & pressure rating 60Kg/cm2g.



Indirect Gas Fired Water Bath Heaters


Water Bath HeatersGrand Prix offers Indirect Water Bath Heaters for indirect heating of Crude Oil & Hydrocarbons by using Gas Fired Burners having a max capacity of 20 MMBTU/Hr.




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Pressure Vessels


U-Stamp Pressure Vessels, C S Pressure Vessel, LTCS Pressure Vessels, Clad Pressure VesselsGrand Prix can provide pressure vessels up to 125Kg/cm2g pressure rating, 125 Tonnes in weight, size up to 6000 mm (O/D), 100 mm (C.S.)/ 50 mm (S.S.) (thickness) & 30000 mm (length) and in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Alloy Steel. We are authorized by ASME & NBR to manufacture & supply pressure vessel with ‘U’ & ‘U-2’ and ‘NB’ Stamp respectively.

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Cladded Vessels with stainless steel strip cladding
  • Storage Tanks 

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